A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

 Currently its only for macOS (Sory Windows users).  I'm still working on everything so don't worry if you encounter a bug or things act a little jittery. This project is a kind of 3D platforming collectathon(?), this may change (again idk). The controls are simple, you can use either w, a, s, d or the arrow keys or a joystick controller to move. To jump currently only the space bar has been tested. To move the camera, move the mouse around the screen. enjoy this demo and I'd really appreciate feedback (cause first time and all). YAY! (P.S I've provided development screenshots cause why not)

UPDATE: There is now a Windows version of the game. so have fun Windows users    :)

Install instructions

When the game is downloaded, open the .dmg file. In theory a Finder window should appear, if it does, drag the application into the applications folder. However if Finder doesn't open, don't worry, the Application has been installed, you'll just have to find it (sorry this is still new to me and nothing works for me   ;( just sit through my painful stuff).

For the Windows version: download the file, and unzip it using your favourite unzipping program. open the file named Demo.exe, and enjoy.


Demo for mac ONLY 54 MB
Demo for Windows ONLY 14 MB